This project proposes a robotic vehicle which is built in such a way that it directs itself whenever an obstacle comes in its path. The “Obstacle Avoiding Robot with Live Camera” is built using IR sensors, logic gate circuits and motor driver ICs. IR sensors are used in the robot to detect the obstacles in its path which sends the signal to the logic circuits. Depending upon the input signal received, the logic circuits compares the signals and directs the robotic vehicle to move in the path of least obstacles by controlling the rotation of motors with the help of a motor driver IC. It keeps turning as long as the obstruction is there and keeps on moving without any aim or specific destination point. This allows the robot to explore areas without getting stuck or damaging itself. The motor driver IC, logic gate ICs are powered by batteries. The Camera used there creates a Wi-fi hotspot. Connecting to this Wi-fi from our laptop/mobile, we can simply observe the live scenario of that environment