Fire hazards have been a major problem for years. Thousands of people die every year due to fire hazards, not to mention the loss of property and permanent damage in health and decrement in lifestyle of the survivors. While large scale industries and buildings have taken measures such as high functioning and sophisticated alarm systems and smoke detectors to warn people of fires, small scale industries and personal homes are still majorly vulnerable to loss of life and serious damage to property due to fire. Security has become an important requisite. Everybody looks for an effective and an efficient way of protecting their possessions. This project is a prototype design that acquires both of the aforementioned qualities. It is a perfect product for small scale industries and homes. This project describes a security system that is applicable anywhere and by anyone. It consists of a fire detector which is released using readily available components having high performance. As soon as the detector will sense fire, a siren will immediately blow and water sprinkler will function to put out the fire and minimize the damage.

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