There is someone to whom I talk daily..

I met her in my College and we became more than friends with time. I see her waking up every morning and praying to God for everyone’s wellness. I see her working for her parents dreams. For me she is a kid, who cries loudly in the deep midnight, who sobs and wails for the sacrifices she has done for the people who left her.

She not comfortable to share this with anyone. But she shares with me. Miles apart my virtual shoulder is the only thing she keeps her head on to take rest. I wish to wipe her tears but I’m so far that my hand are unreachable. I just want to hug her tightly and want to say “everything will be fine “. I just have single question to the people who have hurt her this much. Did she deserve this pain? The girl who sacrificed everything just for your happiness?

Atleast, you could have seen her eyes and heart. You could have read her better than a friend who is staying miles away. She is beautiful in her own way, she never needs your approval. You know, I have heard broken pieces are more beautiful than the original one.

And so, girl you are beautiful. The pain will diminish one fine day. The wall of hatred will vanish. The sorrows, the pain will demolish, very soon. Till that day, be strong like you are now. Be sharp the way you are now. And be bold in the decision you are taking.

You are a fighter. You’ll outshine all others, I swear. Rise and keep fighting.

Now it’s time to smile!

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