The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.

John McCarthy

Artificial Intelligence is an approach to make a computer, a robot, or a product to think how smart human think. AI is a study of how human brain think, learn, decide and work, when it tries to solve problems. And finally this study outputs intelligent software systems. The aim of AI is to improve computer functions which are related to human knowledge, for example, reasoning, learning, and problem-solving.


Pari: A Humanoid Robot

Pari is the first commercial humanoid robot designed and manufactured in Nepal. Developed by Paaila Technology, Pari was created to fulfill the role of a lobby manager assisting customers by verbally explaining the bank’s functionalities. This robot will help the customer know about the business through sound and an interactive touch screen software.


Ginger: A Waiter Robot

Ginger is a humanoid service robot that has human-like appearance with the ability of dispensing service to humans. Ginger, being a common and popular ingredient in cooking, was decided as the name of the robot as it is reflective of the restaurant industry. Robot Ginger is powered with swarm intelligence, speech recognition, natural language processing, auto-dock ability, among others. The robot also cracks jokes and answers basic IQ questions in both English and Nepali.

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